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Blockchain Laboratory Recruitment Open Day ASEM University

As part of the first wave of recruitment in the Moldovan ICT talent marketplace, the Drachmae Project Laboratory (DPL) 2.0 blockchain laboratory at ASEM is starting a recruitment process for intern students who will be engaged in learning ICT distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain skills that are servicing up to 70 international projects.


Students from schools (16 years and older) as well as universities are welcome to apply from 10.00 until 17.00 on Tuesday, 7th of February 2017, Room 807, Block A, ASEM, bd. Bănulescu-Bodoni 59, MD-2005 Chișinău.


A basic understanding of English written and spoken is required by all applicants.


Internships can be from 3 to 6 months depending on the formative level and talent, but also depends on how fast applicants are able to familiarise themselves with this new and exciting DLT blockchain technology.


Due to the fact that DLT blockchain technology is very new to Moldova, the demand for jobs for successful internship students is expected to be high. It is likely therefore that successful students will be provided with part time or full time jobs during or after the internship. These jobs are programmed to be in Moldova and would coincide with (incubator) work spaces for national and international companies and organisations, which will be hosted at Asem University in Chișinău.


During the internship applicants will be engaged in learning the basics about DLT blockchain technology but also in gaining work experience by participating in work groups, white paper use case projects and other simulations. In addition, specific educational courses related to DLT blockchain technology will be implemented.


DPL 2.0 DLT blockchain laboratory also encourages entrepreneurship skills and will assist interns with their own startup projects.


DPL 2.0 is supported by Asem University, the Accent Group, the Free Economic Zone and founded by the Drachmae Project.


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