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 DT X Top Secret USSR

E-Drachma Version Five 24/12/2016



Advances in information technology now make it possible for non-government entities, or governments themselves, to establish and run a national, parallel, paperless monetary system, Viability of Blockchain for E-Governance and Smart Cities. The workings of such a system is described and discussed. Such systems may ameliorate the dire state of affairs in the hardest hit economic zone adjacent to the Eurozone, the EX USSR or Russian Federation.


Can Blockchain provide not just technical innovation by funding innovation meaning member states can privatise assets and national infrastructure opposed to IMF, World Bank EU Loans.


1.0.0 Introduction:

Based on the current financial situation this proposal aims to look at the viability of Decentralized or Private blockchain technology that can be used to deliver alternative solutions. It will outline various case scenarios for Individuals, Private Associations, Regional and Municipal Government, and Central Government, to achieve acceptance or disapproval of the technology.

Blockchain technology and digital currency is hailed as the future of money and we will aim to discover whether it  actually has a role to play in real world problems, or if it should remain a theoretical experiment left to be debated by economists.

To date there has not been any real or viable solution using blockchain “Distributed Technology”, other than closed door testing or mere media propaganda, with viable applications other than a Currency or Smart Contracts (which did not achieve their stated goals).

Areas of interest are corruption, manipulation, social and local economic growth. The goal lies in solving problems as opposed to highlighting them.

1.0.1 The proposal:

Key elements to the proposal are as follows:

·         Issuance of a Digital National Parallel Currency.

·        Strengthening National infrastructure.

·         GDP improvement.

·        Reduction of Corruption at all Levels.

·        Benefits of transparency for Commercial banking in excluding existing fraudulent elements.

·        Centralized or Decentralized systems, or a combination of both.

Key elements of the proposal are as follows:

  • Tax structure

  • Land registration

  • Voting

  • Pensions

  • Government spending

  • Digital Identity

  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Banking

  • Industry

1.0.2 Project Partners:

  • DT Moldova

  • Drachmae Project

  • Accent Group

1.0.3 Research Partners

  • Drachmae project

1.1.0 How would the public respond?

1.1.1 How would the Governments respond?

1.1.3 How would the Central Banks respond?

1.2.0 Will the project be squashed by the Governments?

1.3.0 Will international Political powers resist?

2.0.0 Technology has progressed so far could this be a viable option:

2.0.1 Centralized Technology:

2.0.2 Decentralized Blockchain Technology:

2.0.3 Private Distributed Technology:

The Watson IoT Platform has a built-in capability that lets you add selected IoT data to a private blockchain. The protected data is shared among only the business partners involved with the transaction.

2.1.0 Building confidence

2.2.0 An intermediate solution

2.3.0 Long term solution

.2.4.0 Gradual increase of adoption

3.0.0 Who can adopt such a proposal

3.1.0 A non-government "monetary" system

3.1.1 EU Funding

3.1.2 World Bank Funding

3.1.3 I.M.F Funding

3.1.4 Private or Secondary Market investment

3.1.6 Would a Registration be required and what would it change

3.2.0 A (parallel) Region system

3.2.1 A (parallel) National system


3.2.2 A (parallel) Municipality system

3.2.3 A (parallel) Private or Public system

3.2.4 Private Association

3.3.0 Government Sectors

3.3.1 Tax:

3.3.2 Land Registrations:

3.3.3 Voting

3.3.4 Pensions

3.3.5 Government Spending

3.3.6 GDP

3.3.7 E-Governance:

3.4.0 Central Bank:

3.4.1 Central Bank issued E-Currency:

3.4.2 Central Bank KYC/AML Chain:

3.4.3 Fraud & Embezzlement

3.4.4 Corruption from within

3.5.0 Public sectors and Privatisation  

3.5.1 Education

3.5.2 Employment

3.5.3 Tourism

3.5.0 Financial Services

4.0.0 A profitable solution proposal

4.1.0 Fibre Optics network

4.1.1 Telecoms + Mobile Operator

4.1.2 Tech City “Smart Lab”

4.1.3 IOT, Industry 4.0 Otherwise known as IIoT

4.1.4 Financial Services - Banking

5.0.0 Conclusion: better than the bleak alternatives

5.1.0 Proposal project

5.1.1 Financial Breakdown

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